Continuing Education

Rockcliffe University Consortium provides a number of continuing education (non-credit) courses for people interested in learning about 3D virtual collaborative environments, their uses, and social impacts. Most of our continuing education instructors are volunteers who are actively engaged in these subject areas. Students benefit from peer-to-peer educational training that is both hands-on and relevant to what is happening today.

Continuing Education programs vary from semester to semester so check the Calendar of Events to see what is currently being offered.

All continuing education courses are available free of charge. No registration is required

A selection of courses that are available include:

  • Introduction to Second Life (SL)
  • Introduction to Programming (SL, WOW)
  • Introduction to Graphics
  • Moodle Course Management
  • Sloodle Add-on for Second Life
  • MMORPG Environments for Educators (Includes SL, WOW, CoH, AoC, Unity 3D)
  • Blogging
  • Psychology of being virtual
  • Social Networking

3D Virtual Collaborative Environment Acronyms

SL: Second Life
WOW: World of Warcraft
CoH: City of Heroes
AoC: Age of Conan