Board of Directors

Board Position oooo Name oooo Country oooo Affiliation
Chariman   Kevin Feenan   Canada   CEO, Knomaze Corporation Int’l
VP   Doug Brown   USA   Professor, Kaplan University
CFO   Mike Pouraryan   USA   Management Consultant
Director   Bill Nelson   USA   VP Professional Services at GCA Technology Services
Director   Dan Power   USA   Professor & Editor of
Director   Elisa Bulter   France   CEO, Whitfield Marketing

Company Officers

Title oooo Name oooo SL Avatar
President   Kevin Feenan   Phelan Corrimal
VP, Secretary   Doug Brown   Hawc Decosta
CFO   Mike Pouraryan   Arshia Wylie


SL Avatar oooo Primary Role
AgileBill Firehawk   Instructor – Agile / Project Management
Aiyanna Sodwind   Instructor – 3D Content
Bevan Whitefield   Marketing Communications
CeAire DeCosta   Scheduling
Dirk McKeenan   Instructor – Scripting
Drakken Calhoun   Security (VPD)
Dreamingen Writer   Lawyer / Grant Proposals
Erin Burks   Builder
Fleche Xeno   Forum Leader – Marketing
Geramy Baxton   Web API Programming
Hawc DeCosta   Instructor – Legal / Staffing
Helen Goff   Assistant Librarian
Kianeira MacDiarmid   Instructor / Team Lead
Lex Avril   Instructor – Scripting
Linda Sautereau   Journal for Virtual Studies Editor
Liz Kroitschov   Newletter Editor
Mel Krupinski   Head Librarian
Mokey Mokusei   GCD Theatre Director
Monroe Snook   Studio 33 Curator
MrsAishiaLaDon Xenno   Instructor Training / Web Administration
Mythica Writer   Instructor – Graphics
Nigma Sterling   Instructor – Estate Management
Physicist Oh   Instructor – 3D Content
Phelan Corrimal   Forums / Research
Randi Hooker   Instructor – Legal / Criminal Justice
Science Copperfield   Forum Leader – Science
Sloan Skjellerup   Bookkeeping / Special Events
Stergio Semaphore   Instructor – Scripting
Taff Nouvelle   Instructor – Scripting
Thinkerer Melville   Community Gateway / GCD Theatre Scheduling
Veritas Variscan   RUC Seven Oaks Community Manager