Second Life

Rockcliffe University Consortium is a virtual educational and research center in the truest sense of the word. We have no physical school. Instead our campus is contained completely within the 3D virtual environment called Second Life. Almost all of our classes and forums run from within this virtual space.

Registration to Second Life is FREE. Simply click on the link for the Rockcliffe Community Gateway, download the Second Life software, and you are on your way to a much larger virtual classroom experience.

What you should expect:

When you click the link above, if you do not have Second Life installed on your computer you will be prompted to download the software.

After the software is downloaded you will then be asked to create an Avatar profile. An Avatar is a virtual representation of yourself. Don’t worry that there are only a limited number of avatar types to choose from, there will be lots of opportunities to customize your avatar once you are logged into the system.

When you first arrive at the Rockcliffe Gateway, things may take a moment to “rez” (short for resolve). This is the system downloading all the objects and graphics around you. Give your system a few moments to initially load the 3D environment.

Once things have begun to materialize, you will find a number of self-guided tutorials and help guides which will walk you through the next few steps. Mentors are on-had during core hours to assist with any questions you may have once you are “in-world” (i.e. inside Second Life).

Please enjoy your stay – We have lots to see and do including a library, sandbox, and special social events (plays, live music, films, etc..)

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