Rockcliffe University Consortium provides education in partnership with other institutions both for-profit and not-for-profit in addition to programs we develop here at Rockcliffe. Our focus is to partner with high-quality open source providers of educational content wherever possible. Below you will find a summary of our current course catalogue.

General Education

Information Management – These programs are focused on both the management of information and supporting IM/IT fields of study.

Instructional Design – These programs are for Rockcliffe Faculty only. To inquire please contact us directly.

Specialty Programs

First Responders – Certification programs for those interested in emergency disaster preparedness.

Second Life – Various programs related to the development of content for virtual 3d environments. Please see the course calendar for details.

World of Teachcraft – These programs are focused on how to constructively use the 3D game World of Warcraft(TM) in an educational environment.