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Here in the out-of-the box creative environment of the Roadside Philosopher’s underwater group facilitation area, we meet every fortnight on Sat. morning 8 am SLT for a two hour discussion on the topic of the day as we ponder the complexities of the perceptions of both our perceived real life reality and the pixelated reality.

Pamala Clift facilitating at the Roadside Philosophers Think Tank within Second Life. A first person brainstorming group to deal with the insights we discover in our virtual world, using it as a metaphor toward the discoveries of truth. The topics will change for each meeting and the information placed in the Roadside Philosopher ‘s group first page and SL Events. (Pass topics have been: Relationships, humor, trigger buttons, education vs learning, weapons of compensation and a zillion other aspects of life.) It is a Voice discussion so please have voice enabled , but your welcomed to contribute as well in type chat or pass. This is a brainstorming group so no individual attacks allowed, but every thought is subject to examination.

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Next Meeting is Sat.Oct. 2 at the Think Tank 8am —-Topic: Is there anything you have learned in your Virtual Life that you have taken successfully into real life?


Sept. 18th, 2010 synopsis in short. “Do you got Soul?”

Sorry about not updating this sooner, one misplaces yet another password.. smile.

 The meeting Sat. Sept 18th was on “Do you got Soul” we had close to 30 in attendance as the topic was explored by the philosophers. The opinions ranged from”There is no such thing. It is an illusion created by man to give them hope.”  to a story related in earnest from a non-believer as he witnessed a foggy apparition leave a body upon death.

The Topic: Perception Vs Reality Sept. 4th

With 26 in attendance we looked at the recent movies that have hinted that maybe our perception is not the total story. Are our senses fooling us? Are we like the Matrix, Surragates, The 13th Floor and other alternate reality movies. How do we know? What gives us that feeling that there is something we do not know?

The Topic: Connectivity & Isolation Aug. 21st

 We can talk via phone, email, internet, Skype, SL, cell phones.. yet.. there still seems a new type of isolation that exists. Teachers say that students don’t know how to deal with real life and have no interpersonal skills or proper interactions. To talk to this generation  you have to call them on their cell phone. So lets discuss what is connectivity vs isolation.

We have virtual relationships we value as highly as many in real life but if something happens to their internet, we are lost? Have no knowledge of what is happening in their real life and they can literarily die out of our Second Life.  There is an association that the rest of the world does not constitute as valuable.  How do we deal with being discarded as nothing? The isolation and compartmentalization that currently exists.

 See you then.. Hugs all.. So appreciate my brillant minds…